as a social media advocate

You know the drill! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

When we say, “Spread the word!”, we mean it. Raising awareness can really help us hold the government accountable.

This isn’t another “Like us!” campaign. No. It’s a badge of honor that we can all wear proudly.

go undercover

Do you want to help solve the problem of corruption and feel like James Bond doing it?

We have just the thing for you! Go around with our “Security-Guard-Proof” badge, check on your government offices, and grade their quality of service.

Email us now at info@bantay.ph!

as a graphic designer

Do you sometimes wish your name was Helvetica? Do you look at fonts and imagine how they’d look like if they were people? Do you see information and picture a beautiful graph?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, HELP US PLEASE! We need fresh eyes and amazing design skills to beautify our unorganized information.

Send your portfolio to info@bantay.ph!