EP 1 - Ang Tamang Daan

On their way to a brunch date, Grace and Tita Jo gets stopped by a traffic enforcer because of a surprise “violation”. Watch Episode 1 to know how they managed to defend themselves from abuse and bribery.

EP 2 - #8888

In order to go home and visit her parents, Mars has to get a license from Lakbay the Office (LTO). Due to the long lines and excruciating process, Mars called the 8888 hotline to ask for advice. Watch Episode 2 to know how Mars got her license by demanding the right process.

EP 3 - Christmas Bogus

It’s christmas time! Martine received a call from her OFW dad to let her know that the package is ready for pick-up. Upon talking to the post-office personnel, Mommy Tess was shocked on how they are being treated with their transaction. Watch Episode 3 to know how Martine and Mommy Tess avoided paying a large amount and demand proper process from the post-office supervisor.