An act to improve efficiency in the delivery of government service to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape, preventing graft and corruption, and providing penalties therefor.

Citizens charter

Citizen's Charter

A visible Citizen's Charter must be posted in the government office. This must state all the required documents, how long it should take, who is in charge, and necessary fees. If the actual process doesn't match what's written on the Citizen's Charter, it is a violation of the law.

Written explanation

Written Explanation

Applications can either be accepted or rejected. If rejected, a written explanation should be provided stating the reason why. This is to help the citizen get his/her application approved should they try to apply again.

Help desk

Help Desk

By law, every office must have Public Assistance and Complaints Desk where citizens can ask about necessary requirements, and proper process flow. Also, this is where you can file complaints and grievances for experiences of bad service.

Proper protocol

Proper Protocol

Frontline government employees must be courteous, must give correct information, and must always wear an ID. When you want to complain about an employee who was rude or asked for a bribe, you should get their name so you can file a formal complaint.

5 signature limit

5 Signature Limit

Many times we are passed around from one office to another saying we need the signature of this and that order to proceed. It can also be delayed due to the absence of a certain signatory. By law, there should be a maximum of only 5 signatures per application. If the signatory is absent, second in command should be the one to sign on his/her behalf.


Report Bribery

Get their names and hold them accountable. Just because people are doing it, it doesn't make it right. When we pay a bribe, we support and fund the system of corruption. Government service should be easily accessible to everyone, not just people who can pay a bribe.

Priority lanes

Priority Lanes

Every office must be able to accommodate senior citizens and PWD through the presence of a special lane for them. Public service should always be accessible to ALL.

Efficient service

Efficient Service

The head of the office (mayor, director, chairman, etc.) must ensure that they are rendering efficient, and reliable service. Not acting upon feedback of citizens and not being aware of shady transactions happening in the office is tantamount to negligence of duty.

Application timeline

Application Timeline

By law, each submitted application must be acted upon within 5-10 working days (or less) from date of receipt. Anything beyond that is already a violation of the law. If you've been waiting for months already, report it at the Contact Center ng Bayan. It's worth a shot!

No noon break

No Noon Break

Frontline government office should be operational for the entire duration of the published working hours. This is not to say that employees are not allowed to eat, but that they should have at skeletal crew working through the break. They are encouraged to take on shifts, and go on rotation.


Feedback Mechanism

We are firm believers of the feedback loop. Ranting on Facebook and Twitter will only get you so far. If we use proper channels for feedback, we have a chance of actually turning these complaints into cases which can later on lead to reform. To ensure our grievances are heard, use the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk or you can also report straight to the Contact Center ng Bayan / 1-65-65 / 0918 88816565.

Offense breakdown

Offense Breakdown

MINOR OFFENSES include: refusal to accept application/request within the prescribed period, failure to act on application/request, failure to attend to clients during noon break and prior to then end of working hours, failure to render frontline services within the prescribed period without a valid cause, failure to give client a written notice of disapproval, imposition of additional and irrelevant requirements other than those listed in the CC.

Penalties: 30-90 days suspension without pay and mandatory attendance in Values Orientation Program, dismissal and perpetual disqualification from public service.

GRAVE OFFENSES include: fixing activity both as facilitator inside and outside the office Penalty: Dismissal and perpetual disqualification from public service, imprisonment (not more than 6 years), fine of Php20,000-200,000.