Date of Visit: 09-08-2015
Visit #: 3
Office Visited: San Juan City Hall Business Permit
Did you spot any fixing activity / hear of any fixing activity?: NO
Is there a citizen's charter?: YES
Are the necessary information published -:
   Fees: YES
   Person in charge: YES
   Duration of process: YES
   Necessary documents: YES
   Step by Step Procedure: YES
Is there a visible and accessible help desk with a knowledgeable personnel?: YES
Are employees wearing IDs?: YES
Are they observing the no noon break policy?: YES
Is there available feedback mechanism?: YES
Are people being issue OR's for their transactions?: YES
Is there a special lane for senior citizens and PWDs?: YES
Overall Cleanliness: 4
Comfort Room: 4
Cooling System (fan or aircon): 4
Waiting Area: 4
Fixtures: 4
Lighting: 4
Is the location accessible: YES
Additional Comments/Feedback: